You probably Know jeeter as the #1 cannabis Brand in the US

That’s just a small part of who we are. Jeeter is a lifestyle brand that creates products, experiences and cultural events.

Jeeter’s Latest Pop-Up Tour: Jeeter Mart!

Remember the days when you were excited to walk into that local corner store and pick up a Slurpee and some snacks? You pocketed all of your loose change to walk down those aisles and grab your favorite post-high munchies with your friends. Those were the days. Now, come relive some of those memories with Jeeter at the new Jeeter Mart.


Starting Friday, July 29th, Jeeter Mart, Jeeter’s latest Pop-Up Tour is coming to dispensaries near you in California, Arizona and Michigan! You’re not going to want to miss this.

What Is It?


Jeeter Mart is an interactive experience traveling around from dispensary to dispensary providing customers with a fun way to learn about and connect with the brand. 


Immerse yourself in an interactive nostalgic experience taking you back to the good old days of summer. Stroll through Jeeter Mart and relive your fond childhood memories with a new twist. 


The Jeeter team is proud to announce its latest project: online ordering and delivery directly through our website!

‍We could not be more excited to give our Jeeter community a better way to purchase some amazing upcoming drops.

‍Starting July 6th, 2022, we will offer our customers in California the opportunity to purchase exclusive products and boxes via the “Delivery” page on our website.

‍This is a special way we’re saying “thank you” to our Jeeter family and giving you access to some amazing new products all from the comfort of your own home.

We wanted to keep the items on our site exclusive, that we could give directly to our Jeeter family versus going through dispensaries. 

‍We wanted to give back to our customers and allow them the opportunity to get in on some really special projects with just the click of a button. 

‍Per our VP of Marketing, Patryk Tracz, “There is just something special about that moment when you’ve ordered something online to your house and it finally arrives. That feeling of unboxing gives us excitement and joy, creating an immediate experience. Jeeter is all about creating experiences for our customers, so here is your next exciting experience, one click away.” We couldn’t agree more.

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